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Here at Day & Night Mechanical Solutions, our goal is to provide you with the highest quality HVAC services possible. We are industry experts and with years of experience in the field our HVAC technicians are the best around. When you need an HVAC company in Denver you can trust, we are the business to call!

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Air Conditioning Service, Repair, and Installation in Denver Metro Area

29461174_lThere are many different types of air conditioners, from split systems to portable units. There are units that cool a whole house, one’s that only cool one room and some that cool large warehouses. We are experts in our industry and with our factory trained technicians and installers we are here to solve your cooling needs. We specialize in residential and light commercial HVAC and with our years of experience we are the HVAC contractor to turn to. We repair, service, maintenance, replace and install new air conditioners in residential homes, apartment, duplex’s, office buildings, store fronts, and much more.

The most popular type of residential air conditioner is split system. This type of air conditioner has a compressor that pumps refrigerant into an evaporative coil. The refrigerant then cools the evaporative coil, a fan is needed to blow the air through the evaporator coil and distributed to the duct work or room. These types of systems have been around for years and keep getting quieter and more efficient. Here at Day & Night Mechanical we are highly experienced in split system air conditioner systems whether you just need a simple repair or are looking to install a new ac unit we are the best in the Denver area.

Another popular type of cooling is an evaporative cooler or sometimes called a swamp cooler. Swamp coolers work by a water passing over a pad or media filters, a motor and a fan blows the water cooled air into the area needed to be cooled. These coolers can be installed on roof tops, through window or other applications. We are very experienced in evaporative cooling and with our friendly and professional staff we are a great choice for you. We service the Denver metro area from Boulder to Castle Rock and from Dillon to Strasburg. If you are looking for swamp cooler companies… give us a try.

We are proud to partner with Xcel Energy as a Trade Partner and offer our customers high efficiency heating and cooling equipment. With proper sizing of the equipment our customers can qualify for rebates from Xcel Energy and save on the installation of new furnaces and air conditioners. Give us a call for details and see what our partnership with Xcel Energy can do for you.


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