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Refurbished and Reconditioned Appliances: Kitchen, Hot Water & More

washer and dryerNeed to replace your kitchen, water, or laundry appliances? As one of the largest independent appliance dealers in Denver, Day & Night Mechanical Solutions offers reconditioned and refurbished appliances that are as reliable as our trusted HVAC service. Reconditioned appliances perform as good as new, and are even better on your wallet!

Why Refurbished?

Reconditioned or refurbished appliances are simply appliances that have had certain parts replaced after being previously used, such as the motor or failing gaskets. These machines are then required to pass an extensive battery of tests to be labeled refurbished, and they are able to be installed and utilized once more at a large discount off the factory price of a new unit.

The expert technicians at Day & Night Mechanical specialize in installing and maintaining refurbished appliances, and we offer one of the largest selections of refurbished stoves, dishwashers, ranges, washers, dryers, A/Cs, heaters, and more. We do same day delivery, free estimates, and rapid repairs!

Need a New System? Think Ductless.

girl in cold houseIf your heater or air conditioner has finally kicked the bucket, searching for a new system can be a lengthy process. But with winter right around the corner, you may not have as long as you need to find the perfect system. To help you narrow down a few great choices, we detail the benefits of ductless systems here.

  • Space saving. Adding a ductless system to a new room or a detached garage instead of constructing air ducts saves time, money, and allows you to utilize your room sooner.
  • Cost efficient. Ductless heaters are some of the most efficient in the entire industry. Less energy consumption means lower electric bills!
  • Painless installation. Ductless systems need only to be mounted and plugged in to begin use. This can bind you out in a pinch if your heater suddenly quits!
  • Purified air. By forgoing air ducts that often house mold and other irritants, ductless systems provide cleaner, safer air.

Denver’s Go-To HVAC Technicians

If you are looking for a replacement HVAC system, work with Denver’s top HVAC technicians to find the best system for your home needs.

frosty pineconeFall is here and chilly weather is upon us! Now we are relying on our homes and our heaters to protect us from the elements. Don’t take your chances with a spotty, temperamental heater – schedule a quick tune up to ensure you stay warm all winter long. Even if your system is only a few years old, a tune up will help preserve your system and allow it to live out its full potential.

A quick tune up will keep your system in top shape. A trained technician knows the exact spots to look for that could potentially cause trouble during the frozen winter – inspecting your thermostat, the power connections to your heater, and its ignition will keep your heater running at peak efficiency. If your heater emits a burning smell when it first begins to operate, a technician will able to help troubleshoot this problem and keep you breathing clean air.

Heating Help

Not only will a tune up help your system perform its best, but it can also help you save on utility costs: a heater that works overtime to compensate for its issues often draws on more electricity and increases utility bills. Don’t wait until you’re face to face with a fried heater in the dead of winter – counter the issues before they start! 

The Importance of Clean, Healthy Indoor Air

clean indoorsIt is no secret that our homes and businesses can recirculate dirty air that is tainted with smoke, pet dander, dust, and mold. But did you know that the EPA considers indoor air pollution to be one of the top 5 environmental threats to public health? Now, consider how many hours a day that you typically spend inside, and you can imagine how important it is to be breathing clean, safe air. To help you breathe easier, we briefly walk through the basics of several types of air cleaning systems.

The type of air system that your home or business is equipped with will contribute to what type of air cleaner your system has. Traditional heating and cooling systems usually clean their air with filtersthat are manually changed and serviced. However, these filters simply trap dust and fibers without purifying the air, so it is important to regularly change the filter to prevent it from clogging and recirculating dirty air.

More current systems are outfitted with filters as well as purification systems, such as supplemental air purifiers or UV germicidal lamps. Many of these modern air cleaning technologies are available for installation regardless of the type of system in a home or a business.


Servicing Your Ductless Heater for Fall

ductless mini split systemAs the cool of fall sets in, we find ourselves spending more and more time inside our homes. Don’t be caught off guard by freezing temperatures with a heating system that can’t be trusted! If your heater is faltering, explore a ductless heater for fast, reliable heating. Learn more about servicing your ductless heater tostay warm all season long.

A ductless heater is easily installed in any setting. If your HVAC system heats your house unevenly, a ductless heater is a great solution to supplement a room that needs additional heat or cool air. By circulating fresh air and forgoing ducts that can become dirtied with mold and dust, a ductless system can help improve the air quality in your home.

Ductless systems are one of the most efficient systems available, meaning they also help save money on utility bills. They are quiet and easy to install so there is no damage to the wall. Best of all, they are inconspicuous, so they do not command attention and are easy on the eyes.

Readying Your Heater

If your ductless heating system needs a tune up before the temperatures stay below freezing, or if you are ready to explore a ductless system for your home.

Maintaining Your Heat & AC: Checklist to a Healthy System

winter, houseHomeowners want to know how best to care for their investments. Considering that air conditioning and heating systems play such a large roll in overall comfort, system maintenance will ensure absolute running efficiency. Setting aside less than an hour every month to perform a few routine procedures will help keep energy costs down and allow your system to perform at peak efficiency.

STEP 1: Clean or Change Air Filters

Whether your system uses disposable or reusable filters, it is important they be maintained to allow your system to breathe better.

Disposable filters: change every 30 days
Reusable filters: wash every 30 days
Keeping your filter clean will prevent system malfunction, increases in your energy bills, and reductions in the life expectancy of your system. Click here for more information on benefits of high performance filter options that may be available for your system.

STEP 2: Maintain the Outdoor Unit

First, shut the power off to your outdoor air conditioning unit, either at the breaker and/or at the disconnect box. Spray the air conditioner coil down with a hose to clean off any debris. If you have cottonwood trees close by, you may need to do this several times each spring. Trim bushes away 18” from the air conditioner to prevent a restriction of air to the unit. It may be necessary to use professional coil cleaner to remove built up pollution on the coil. Do not use household chemicals that could cause corrosion damage to the coil. It is best to have a professional perform this when needed.

STEP 3: Check the Indoor Unit

Check that there are no water leaks and that the system is draining properly. Turn the unit on and let it run for about 15 minutes, periodically checking for any visible water leaks. Water build-up (due to the condensation on your indoor unit’s plumbing) is nothing to be nervous about. However, if there is a significant accumulation due to a broken, loose or malfunctioning part, your problem could eventually turn into a costly repair. In addition, blockages inside your pipes can also become hazardous to your system. If your system is leaking water in any significant way, call a service technician immediately.

While these three steps will help to keep your system in proper running order, the best way to save money and avoid system malfunctions is professional, seasonal tune-ups. For professional heating and air conditioner service that fixes the problem the first time.

Your Thermostat and Energy Savings

saving moneyWhat comes to mind when you think about saving money on heating and cooling costs? Maybe you think of shiny new appliances with massive price tags, or turning off the heater and shivering through the night? While most of us find these options unfavorable, there are a few simple ways to save on heating and cooling all year round without sacrificing your comfort or your budget.

Use your thermostat, especially programmable thermostats, to take control of your utility bills. Are you working during the week from 9 to 5, or do you work a varied schedule? Perhaps you’ll be out running errands for a few hours. Program your thermostat, or manually control it, to save money and energy while the house is empty. Want to control your programmable thermostat with your phone while you’re away? There’s an app for that!

You can further save money and energy by setting the temperature a few degrees higher in the summer(near 78) and a few degrees lower in the winter (near 68). This small change in temperature reduces energy use without disturbing your comfort.

Lots of Savings With a Little Effort

If you are ready to start saving energy with your heating and air conditioning systems.

Using Space Heating

space heaterSpace heaters are a common sight in many homes during the frosty fall and winter months. While they are a sure way to keep warm, using a space heater incorrectly can be costly to your electric bill and dangerous for you and your family. Here are some quick tips to help you stay warm and safe in the upcoming months.

In comparison to whole home heating systems, space heaters are simply not as efficient. Whole home heating systems are able to distribute heat evenly throughout a house – space heaters are designed to heat certain spots. If you were to shut off your whole home heating system and use only space heaters, your home would not be nearly as warm and quite a bit of electricity would still be used. However, this spot-heating ability of space heaters can be a supplement to your home heating system to help you save money:instead of spending money to blast the heat in your whole house to make one area warmer, you can more efficiently heat this one spot with a space heater.

Space heaters carry an increased burn and fire risk, so using these appliances safely is key. All objects, pets, and people should be kept at least 3 feet away from the heater. The burn and fire hazards from space heaters are very real, so safety should not be overlooked when using these heaters.

Warm All Season Long


The 92% Rule and Your Furnace

heating valvesThe Department of Energy has recently proposed an increase in energy efficiencyfor non-weatherized gas furnaces. In 2011, the efficiency standard was 80% to 90% depending on the region of the country, while the proposed increase is a uniform 92%. How would this increase affect your heating systems? Here, we have delved into the effects of an energy efficiency increase.

Heating is the largest energy expense in U.S. homes, accounting for about 40% of utility bills. With the hefty economic and environmental impacts heating has, it is clear why the DOE is regulating the efficiency of heating systems. Increasing energy efficiency of furnaces can reduce wasting fuel to power the inefficiencies of heating systems, and also reduce harmful emissions from fuel burning.

How Would an Efficiency Increase Affect My System?

If enacted, an energy efficiency increase would not require all furnace owners to replace their existing systems. This rather means that new systems sold and installed must be at least 92% efficient. While this increased efficiency would indeed reduce unnecessary fuel usage and harmful emissions, the costs may surpass the benefits. The energy savings from 92% efficient systems may never pay for the cost of the system itself. In addition, in the event that a furnace must be replaced, many Americans may struggle to afford these pricey systems, pushing them to continue using unreliable, substandard, and often unsafe systems.

What are your thoughts on an energy efficiency increase for furnaces? Final word on this proposed increase should arrive around December 2015, so for professional heating and cooling in the meantime.


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