Fast And Friendly Since 1989


GeoSource Invision3 heat pumps are sophisticated
workhorses, providing versatility like no other product can. Systems can
be designed and installed to provide 100% heating, 100% cooling and
100% hot water needs of an average family. Designs can even include
radiant floor applications. Comfort, efficiency, and the environment,
GeoSource Invision3 excels at all three.


ECONAR's unique approach to product design positions all system
components for easy accessibility, allowing your heat pump to be "zero
clearance" with surrounding walls.

Never before has there been a geothermal heat pump with such
sophistication and advancements in technology able to provide you with
the foremost comfort and economy as the GeoSource Invision3.

How does it work?

The GeoSource Invision3 is the ultimate geothermal heat
pump. Its unique design utilizes a dual circuit approach. This design
allows two circuits to operate independent of one another, giving you
two heat pumps in one. Dual circuits allow you to actually operate in
the first stage, heating or air-conditioning your home, while
simultaneously operating the second stage as a water heater, heating
your hot water. When water heating is not required that circuit becomes a
second stage, available to provide additional heat to your home for
those cold days and nights.

Customized Orders

For areas where water heating is not desired and there is greater
need for cooling a unit can be ordered with two stages of heating and
two stages of cooling.

Energy Efficient

Your heating and cooling demands change with the weather. GeoSource Invision3 heat pumps adjust for you, delivering the correct amount of energy to meet your needs, at the best efficiency possible.

Invision3™ Dual Circuit Standard Features:

- Two separate compressors running independent of each other, creates an extremely versatile, reliable and efficient system. - Options include two stages of heating with one stage of cooling and full time domestic hot water heating.
- The domestic hot water options have a greater recovery rate over a standard electric water heater, and is 300% more efficient. -
Unique is its ability to simultaneously heat or cool in forced air mode
while heating water with the domestic hot water option.
- The two stages allows for independent circuit backup and does not require strip heat or conventional backup. - An optional Allergy Gold permanent washable filter is standard accessory with every Invision3.
- An optional Electronic Digital (LCD)

3-heat, 2-cool thermostat is standard accessory with every unit.
- An optional Air Pad for the Invision3

is standard accessory with every unit.
- A variable speed DC blower is used for comfortable, efficient operation. - The technology allows for lower electrical usage during peak times.

- Sophisticated electronic controls with diagnostics. - Double-wall potable water full condensing coil.
- Scroll compressors provide a quiet, operation. - Overflow sensor is standard all models.
- Baked on epoxy over gavaneal cabinet.

- High and low access valves.
- Thermostatic valve controller. - Every unit real time run tested.
- Best Warranty offered. - PumpPAK ready.
- Small footprint. - ETL Safety certified.
- ARI Performance certified.